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Agri Micro-N

Agri Micro-N Powder Micro Nutrient 10 KG


AGRIZYME GOLD +  IS AN ORGANIC FERTILIZER AGRIZYME GOLD + is a balance product specially developed with a combination of Nutrients, Enzymes, Cytokines, Crude Proteins, Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid and Alganic Acid Extracts from selected Seaweeds (algee). AGRIZYME GOLD + is an ideal Organic Product for better growth and productivity, which can be use on all types of plants.


AYUSHMAN is Specially Designed for Urea and DAP Substitute. Liquid Organic Plant Tonic Orgamino is Internationally Patented and Naturally Produced Growth Promoter and Nutrient Mixture which is produced from Bacterial Fermentation. It’s prepared from naturally available materials and don’t contain any kind of hazardous effects on human and well as any other organism.