Fertility Restoration and Agrizyme Gold

When the question is fertility restoration, first we all think about organic farming or not using chemicals in the field. But generally farmers not likely to switch organic farming as there are several risks of inadequate nutrition and ultimately production loss. After heavy incorporation of chemicals the crops are not capable enough to enrich its deficiency by its own.

In this scenario, an integrated approach of having chemical and organic both can be a solution. This type of method of incorporating both is a part of integrated nutrition management. It’s the approach of using possible approaches to fill up the deficiencies. There are several approaches by which soil can regain the fertility but the method is difficult and process oriented. Organic farming is the ultimate, but we cannot ask farmers to compromise over production. Besides we have a huge population to feed on! So a slow and effective integrated approach can play and cross the mark.

Annadhatri works as this medium. The products that Annadhatri owns are not completely organic. It’s biochemical by the nature and always works on the nutritional enrichment with the lowest possible residue. The product itself integrated and makeup the deficiencies and simultaneously help a farm to be evolved into organic but it too should be applied in a smaller portion with regular fertilizer and then increasing the doses into upcoming seasons.

As example, AGRIZYME GOLD is a granular bio fertilizer which is alone eligible for completing the nutritional requirements, but a field habituated with urea or DAP, cannot give production with it in one go. The application should be done in an integrated manner with the regular DAP in a 70% 30% allotment. (The smaller percentage is for Agrizyme Gold) and a larger amount in the subsequent seasons.

Choosing a right product can change the total agro ecosystem of a crop. Choosing sustainability over chemical is always profitable in a long term. Otherwise keep healthy and be healthy.

Written By : Poulami Bhattacharjee

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