BPH in Paddy

Annadhatri Agritech Pvt Ltd is a promising nanotechnology based company which has come with every possible solutions of agricultural field.

For, rice production – West Bengal holds the first position in India from years for having the best wet land ecosystem for rice growth. At the same time, this environmental conditions is a big reason for major pest infestations.

Brown Plant Hopper ( Nilaparvata lugens) or BPH is one of the most severes and a major concern throughout the rice growing belt. BPH has the sucking type of mouth part through which it sucks the cell sap and ultimately turns production a big zero. The small hoppers also love the irrigated wet environment and lay crescent shaped white eggs inside the mid rib or leaf sheathe. After turning into adults they found on the tillers nearby the waterline or stagnant water. It results discoloration of the leaves and simultaneously the foliar becomes orange looks like being burnt. This symptom is known as Hopper Burn.

Annadhatri has its magical biochemical product, named “Anaconda” produced typically for the sucking hoppers, which hampers the insect lifecycle by poisoning their feeding habit. The formulation is nicotine and sulphate based, ensures its efficiency. Additionally for being a nanoparticles based insecticide, a minimum amount of 6gm in 16 liter of water is its requirement.

Annadhatri always has the approch towards a healthier and updated agriculture, in which the success rate of “Anaconda” is an another assurance.

Poulami Bhattacharjee

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